The cure to Healthcare Recruitment


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EmergRx helps you market yourself to thousands of potential clients.

Setting up your profile is easy, and lets you showcase your unique skills, training and experience to attract the attention of anyone looking to fill a staffing gap at a healthcare facility. Some features include:

  • Real-time information/results regarding potential shifts
  • Suggested shifts that match your availability and location
  • Employee feedback and performance
  • Smart insight and recommendations
  • Interactive info-graphic reports
  • Simple invoicing & easy timesheets
  • Calendar scheduling and syncing
  • Review, monitor and notifications
  • Mobile Booking

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    When you sign up as a recruiter, staffing agency or healthcare facility, you’ll get access to complete candidate information as well as other features, including:

  • Pharmacist profile
  • Pharmacist's curriculum vitae
  • Services provided by the pharmacist
  • Availability of the pharmacist
  • Suggested candidates for your required shift
  • Integration of multiple store locations
  • Real-time information and testimonials
  • Calendar scheduling and syncing
  • Simple Invoicing & easy timesheets
  • Salary details
  • Contract considerations
  • Database of medical professionals
  • Rigorous screening of every candidate
  • Star Ratings and feedback
  • Candidate search via location

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    The cure to healthcare recruitment

    EmergRx innovatively provides seamless staffing solutions to both; employers and healthcare professionals.